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What's involved in the Mediation Process?

It happens as quickly as you want! No waiting list!

Starting from intake of the information, followed by the mediation meeting and agreement drafting, all services are centrally managed by our Principal herself. This streamline process enables Winter Lawyer to provide the most efficient and customized services to our clients. Our principal adopts the ‘child focus’ approach, which is consistent with the Family Law, throughout the whole family dispute resolution in order to help the separated or divorced parents to reach an agreement for the best interest of their children.

Simply refer to our process below as a guide.

Mediation Process: Resources

Our Mediation Process

Step 1: Initial Contact

This will be the first time we deal with you by phone, E-mail or face-to-face.

Step 2: Screening & Intake

We will perform an intake of information with all parties involved (usually over the phone) for preparation of the Joint Mediation Session.  Based on the information provided, we will screen for the suitability of mediation for the disputes.

Step 3:  Joint Mediation Session

If mediation is suitable for your disputes, we will hold a joint meeting with you and your disputed party (either meeting in person or by phone/video conference).  Depending on the complexity of the disputes, the meetings usually last for 3 to 6 hours.  For family dispute resolution, we adopt a "child focused" approach under the Family Law throughout the mediation process. 

Step 4: Agreement or Parenting Plan

Straight after the Joint Mediation Session, we will draft an Agreement or a Parenting Plan for you and your party to sign.   

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Mediation Process: Welcome
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Preparing for Mediation

At Winter Lawyer, we ensure that we spend time with each party individually in preparation for the joint session to achieve a mutually satisfactory outcome. These intake sessions are included as part of our service and are usually undertaken over the phone.    

Before the Joint Mediation Session begins, we suggest you consider the following:

> Check your calendar and make yourself available for the time booked.

> Check for any traffic alerts and conditions to get to our office (e.g. avoid heavy traffic roads). 

> If you come to the meeting by car, make sure you have arranged for your parking for the time required.  

> Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea from our office on arrival.  There is also a coffee shop at the ground level of our building should you wish to enjoy your breakfast or lunch prior to the appointment. 

> Make yourself comfortable before the session begins!  


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During the Joint Mediation Session...

The following slideshow outlines the step-by-step guide of the Joint Mediation Session.

At Winter Lawyer, we strictly follow the National Mediator Accreditation Guidelines outlined in the diagram below.

Mediation Process: Resources

Mediator's Opening Statement

At the beginning of the Joint Mediation Session, our Mediator will make an introduction and explain what will happen during the meeting.

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Mediation Process: Practice Areas

Joint Mediation Session

Video by Dispute Resolution Branch, Department of Justice and Attorney-General

Mediation Process: Welcome
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