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New Year & New Start for your Children!

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Welcome to Winter Lawyer & Mediator

We work with you and your ex-partner side-by-side to resolve your disputes through mediation.

Our Principal is a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) and a Nationally Accredited Mediator (Med) with over 15 years experience in negotiation through private and public settings. Our Principal understands the rising needs of conflict resolution in the current society so she commits ourselves to be client focused and to provide mediation service at a reasonable cost.

Our principal builds up her client relationships based on trust, respect and integrity.  Her practice is down to earth and the nature of her calm professionalism strengthens her rapports with clients.  See our testimonials in the following slides. 

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"Aspire to the upcoming season of growth and success through dispute resolutions."

At Winter Lawyer, we believe that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a pathway to success through out of court settlements which promote an ongoing relationship between the parties in conflict.

Winter Lawyer has a mission to increase the public awareness of mediation in the community through participation in various voluntary activities (pro bono).

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A resolution between sole custody and equal parental responsibility

Woman by the Sea

"I was hoping for a miracle thank you so, so, so much Lavina and I can't apologise enough for all the back and forth.  Thank you for your beautiful message and understanding.  Hope you have an amazing and blessed New Year's Day.  Many thanks!" - Ms L (December 31, 2018)

Mr R has had no contact with the children for the last two years.  See how he can reconnect with his children within a week after mediation.

Rugby Players

"Hi Lavina, Thanks for all your help and all your patience.  So happy we have this parenting plan that we can use to move forward in the right direction... Sorry for ruining your Saturday." - Mr R (January 5, 2019)

A sacrifice for him to relocate to a remote town where his ex-wife, her new partner and the children will live in.  Yet, he is proud of his decision.

Man Stretching

"Thank you for your help Lavina." (October 24, 2018)

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After 6 months of separation, Ms H and Mr T had their first one-on-one coffee chat downstairs while I was drafting their parenting plan.

Quirky Redhead

"Thank you so much.  I think we can both move forward in a really positive way.  I appreciate all your patience and understanding in the matter as this was really difficult for both of us.  Again, I really appreciate your facilitation on this matter.  Thanks again!" - Ms H (September 24, 2018)

Winter Lawyer works with you and the other party side-by-side to achieve a positive outcome.

Anatomy Drawing

"Lavina is very helpful and talented.  She understands our worries and situations." - Mr K (October 1, 2018)

Understanding each other during the joint mediation session makes relocation with children practicable.

Natural Beauty

"Good morning Lavina, I would like to say thank you for our mediation last week.  You did an absolutely amazing job.  I really appreciate your work.  Moving forward I would like you to start the process to do the consent orders..." - Ms I (October 29, 2018)

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Family at a Beach

Overview of Mediation

Winter Lawyer provides mediation and Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) services across Australia to facilitate disputed parties negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. 


Mediation is a process, provided by a neutral third party (i.e. a mediator), to assist people in conflict to achieve a mutually acceptable outcome. 


Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a mediation process facilitated by a FDR Practitioner, who specializes in mediation between the separated or divorced parents to work out the parenting plan for their children.  The FDR adopts "child focus" approach throughout the process to ensure any decision making from the parents is for the best interest and well-being of the children. 


Both mediator and FDR Practitioner act impartially to facilitate the mediation process in order to help the parties achieve a mutually acceptable outcome.  During the mediation, the parties are in control of their own decisions and the mediator is not allowed to provide any sort of advice. 


> An inexpensive and quick process (usually between 2 and 5 hours) to help achieve an agreed outcome between the disputed parties.

> An effective mediation promotes an ongoing relationship between the disputed parties.

> An effective mediation often avoids a court process which is costly, lengthy and emotionally draining.

> A disputed matter is being dealt with privately, not in court.

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Partnership with QUT Family Mediation Centre


Did you know that Winter Lawyer is in a partnership program with QUT Family Mediation Centre?  

Winter Lawyer supports the education and coaching of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as it is an important pathway for trainees to gain practical experience to resolve the conflicts between the parties in real life.

The QUT Family Mediation Centre provides a caring and collaborative environment in which parties are supported to make their own decisions.  Our nationally accredited mediator together with our experienced and accredited family dispute resolution practitioner use a structured negotiation process to keep the discussion focused and ensure that each party can have their say.

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10 Reasons why you should choose Winter Lawyer

1. [Fixed fee] - We charge a fixed fee without any hidden costs for all types of our services.

2. [Reasonable cost] - Our fixed fee includes everything such as GST, hire of meeting rooms, court filing fee (if applicable), outlays and disbursements. 

3. [No deposit or prepayment] - Our relationship with clients is based on trust, respect and integrity.

4. [First consultation is free of charge] - it is not a service, but a pro bono campaign to increase the public awareness of mediation.

5. [No waiting list] - We achieve this by saving the dates to those clients who are in urgent needs.

6. [Single point of contact] - No double handling of tasks because our mediator does everything.

7. [High standard of impartiality] - Our mediator listens and acknowledges your say.

8. [Strictly confidential] - Rest assured that we strictly comply with the confidentiality clause in the NMAS and Family Law (FDRP) Regulations.

9. [Efficient & successful outcomes] - To achieve this, our mediator utilizes her NMAS skills to identify the common grounds, draws parties from positions to interests and engages parties to have frank communications with each other. A 'child focus' approach is applied throughout the process for family disputes.

10. [Referral program] - To show our appreciation and to promote our long term working relationship. Enquire now!

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Affiliates & Memberships

Winter Lawyer is proud to be a member and affiliate of the following associations:

Queensland Law Society (QLS)

QLS Logo.jpeg

The Queensland Law Society is the peak professional body for solicitors in Queensland, Australia. It represents more than 9,000 members, and is affiliated with the Law Council of Australia. The society provides support and public advocacy for the legal profession.

Resolution Institute

RI Logo.jpeg

Resolution Institute is a vibrant community of mediators, arbitrators, adjudicators, restorative justice practitioners and other dispute resolution professionals. Created as a result of the integration of LEADR with IAMA in 2014, Resolution Institute is a not-for-profit organisation with more than 4,000 members in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Australian Mediation Association (AMA)

AMA Logo.jpeg

The AMA is a group of Mediators and conflict resolution practitioners who provide private mediation services, consulting services, and education in mediation, communication and negotiation, to help businesses and individuals avoid disputes through planning and to resolve disputes through mediation.

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Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA)

file-9 (2).jpeg

The Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA) is Queensland’s leading industry body representing those who work in family law – solicitors, barristers, social workers, psychologists, members of the judiciary and associated fields.  Almost 1000 family law practitioners throughout Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory are members of this dynamic network.  FLPA was established in 1978 with the goal to promote reform of family law and related legislation.

Family Law Section (FLS)

Family Law Section Logo.jpeg

The Family Law Section (FLS) of the Law Council of Australia is the largest professional association for family law practitioners, with a membership of more than 2,600 from all Australian States and Territories and a number of international members.  The Section is constituted, organised and regulated by by-laws approved by the Directors of the Law Council of Australia.  The work of the Section is guided by the its strategic plan.

Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has a history that dates back to 1849 when the Brisbane School of Arts was established.  The Family Mediation Clinic located in the Kelvin Grove Campus provides a caring and collaborative environment in which parties are supported to make their own decisions. It can also be used by family members, such as grandparents, to negotiate time with their grandchildren.

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