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Frequently Asked Questions

"Conflicts itself is an opportunity, progress and change of a relationship" - Spegel, Rogers and Buckley.

FAQ: Practice Areas

What is "mediation"?

Mediation is a process facilitated by the mediator to promote the self-determination of the disputed parties.  The parties, not the mediator, are in control of the decisions.

What is the role of the mediator

The mediator is an independent third party who acts impartially (without bias) to assist the parties to communicate, create options and reach settlements.

What mediators cannot do?

> Mediators cannot make opinions or decisions relating to the disputes.  

> Mediators cannot be biased.

> Mediators cannot provide any sort of advice to the parties.

> Mediators cannot perform any act that would contravene the National Mediator Accreditation Standards (NMAS).

Do I have to be in the same room as the other party?

Although a face-to-face meeting is often preferred for an effective mediation, if it would otherwise create a stressful situation, then "shuttle mediation" can be arranged where the parties remain in different rooms.  Alternatively, telephone or video-conference can be arranged especially when the parties are located in different places.

What are the costs of the mediation?

Our fee structure is very simple!  We charge a fixed fee for all types of services.  The fixed fee is ALL INCLUSIVE without any hidden costs, it includes GST, hire of mediation rooms, court fees and disbursements and outlays where applicable.  You are NOT charged with any deposit or prepayment like some other mediators do.  For more details about our fee structure, please refer to the "Fees" section of our website.

Will I be put on a waiting list?

At Winter Lawyer, we don't put you on a waiting list and the mediation can happen very quickly.  To achieve this, we save the dates for those clients who are in urgent needs.  We are professionals focusing on quality not quantity.

FAQ: Practice Areas

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